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And when Cleanthes asks me erligion is the cause of my great vegetative or generative faculty, I am equally intitled to ask him the cause of his great reasoning principle.

Nothing seems more delicate with regard dowwnload its causes than thought; and as these dialogues concerning natural religion pdf download never operate in two persons after the same manner, so we never find two persons, who think exactly alike.

Push the same inference a step farther; and you will find a numerous society of deities as explicable as one universal deity, who possesses, within himself, the powers and perfections of the whole society.

Dialogues concerning natural religion.

But how shall he support this enthusiasm itself? Is it possible, that, during the revolutions of a whole eternity, there never arose a Columbuswho might open the communication between Europe and that continent? It must be a slight fabric, indeed, said Demeawhich can be erected on so tottering a foundation. Let Experience, therefore, dialogues concerning natural religion pdf download from these samples.

The Deity, I can readily allow, possesses many powers and attributes, of which we can have no comprehension: Even in common life, if I assign a cause for any event; is it any dialogues concerning natural religion pdf download, Philothat I cannot assign the cause of that cause, and answer every new question, which may incessantly be started?

And though order were supposed inseparable from matter, and inherent in it; yet may matter be susceptible of many and great revolutions, through the endless periods of eternal duration.

But what wild, arbitrary suppositions are these? But how this argument can have place, where the objects, as in the present case, are single, individual, without parallel, or specific resemblance, may be difficult to explain.

Can you explain their operations, and anatomize that fine internal structure, on which they depend? These would all be possible; but being all equally possible, he would never, of himself, give a satisfactory account for his preferring one of them to the rest.

No demonstration of the Being of a God! Must it not dissolve as well as the animal, and pass through new positions and situations; till dialogues concerning natural religion pdf download a great, but finite succession, it fall at last into the present or some such order? The order and arrangement of cojcerning, the curious adjustment of final causes, the plain use and intention nxtural every part and organ; all these bespeak in the clearest language an intelligent cause or author.

Or if, for the sake of variety for I see no other advantage we should suppose this world to be an animal; a comet is dialogues concerning natural religion pdf download egg of this animal; and in like manner as an dialogues concerning natural religion pdf download lays its egg in the sand, which, without any farther care, hatches the egg, and produces a new animal; so.

Have you ever seen Nature in any such situation as resembles the first arrangement of the elements? A tree bestows order and organization on that tree, which springs from it, without knowing the order: You may thence learn the fallacy of your principles.

SecondlyYou have no reason, on your theory, for ascribing perfection to the Deity, even in his finite capacity; or for supposing him free from every error, mistake, or incoherence in his undertakings. I know not; I care not; that concerns not me. In like manner as a tree sheds its seed into the neighbouring fields, and produces other trees; so the great vegetable, the world, or this planetary system, produces within itself certain seeds, dialogues concerning natural religion pdf download, being scattered into the surrounding chaos, vegetate into new worlds.

During ignorant ages, such as those which followed the dissolution of the ancient schools, the priests perceived, that Atheism, Deism, or heresy of any kind, could only proceed from the presumptuous questioning of received opinions, and from a belief, that human reason was equal to every thing.

The effects of these principles are all known to us from experience: It is now become a matter of mere curiosity to study the first writers on dialogues concerning natural religion pdf download subject, who had the full force of prejudice to encounter, and were obliged.

But is a part of nature a rule for another part very wide of the former? You will find it to be nothing but one great machine, subdivided into an infinite number of lesser machines, which again admit of subdivisions, to a degree beyond what human senses and faculties can trace and explain. Or how do you Mysticswho maintain the absolute incomprehensibility of the Deity, differ from Sceptics or Atheists, who assert, that the first cause of all is unknown and unintelligible?

Every departure on either side diminishes the probability, and renders the experiment less conclusive. Therefore its cause must also resemble that of the other.

Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion – David Hume – Google Boeken

Wikisource has original text related to this article: But I shall confine myself, at present, to one equally celebrated for piety and philosophy. The essence of that supreme mind, his attributes, the manner of his existence, the naturzl nature of his duration; these and every particular, which regards feligion divine a Being, are mysterious to men.

But is it not possible that it may settle at last, so as not to lose its motion and active force for that we have supposed inherent in it yet so as to preserve an uniformity of appearance, amidst the continual motion and fluctuation of its parts? dialogues concerning natural religion pdf download

Now, however much I may dissent, in other respects, from the dangerous principles of CleanthesI must allow, that he has fairly dialogues concerning natural religion pdf download that argument; and I shall endeavour so to state the matter to you, that you dialogues concerning natural religion pdf download entertain no farther scruples with regard to it.

And where is the difficulty, replied Philoof that supposition? But I observe, says Cleantheswith regard concernimg you, Philoand all speculative sceptics, that your doctrine and practice are as much at variance in the most abstruse points of theory as in the conduct of common life.

But if there be any difference, Philo dialoghes, between this supposed case and the real one of the universe, it is all to the advantage of the latter. All these seem convincing proofs of the youth, or rather infancy of the world; as being founded on the operation of principles more. The world plainly resembles more an animal or a vegetable, than it does a watch or a knitting-loom.