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Canadian Civil Liberties Association. See how geography and economy contribute to regional identities in Canada at Downlod of Canadian Regionalism. Find news, information and backgrounders on developments in Canadian laws and in the justice department at the Department of Justice Canada official website.

Read about the role of a Member of Parliament. Look through a database of Lobby Groups in Canada for information and contact details. Big M Drug Mart. The Ukrainian Civil Liberties Association is committed to the defence. Read a biography of suffragette Nellie McClung and her quest to get women the vote.

It outlines the major events and countries of origin of immigrants to Canada in each decade from It is a proactive government that helps develop, implement, and distribute programs and services to the eight Alberta settlements. View the Youth Criminal Justice Actalong with explanatory materials and other information from the Department of Justice.

One Hundred Years of Immigration foe Canada is an danadians audio-visual presentation with text, photos, and music.

Issues for Canadians

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada website provides information on all sorts of immigration-related topics, including immigration news items and frequently asked questions. Visit the website of the David Suzuki Foundation.

Read about Tobacco and Marketingincluding the portrayal of smoking in the movies, at the youth section of the Health Canada website. Watch video clips, read about wildlife species, and access information about Canada’s changing biodiversity. Send an inquiry or complaint to the Canadian Radio-television csnadians Telecommunications Council CRTCan agency responsible for regulating Canada’s broadcasting and canasians systems.

The Confederacy of Treaty 6 First Nations is involved with advocacy, protection, and policy development regarding Treaty 6 rights.

Find information about Japanese internment at this site, part of Canada: The Canadian Biodiversity Information Network contains information such as what you can do to protect biodiversity, reference material, biodiversity news, and links to relevant organizations.

Take a ldf at the differences between Canadian and American Regionalism and what causes them. Research the Statistics Canada website for current immigration statistics in each province and territory. Read the Criminal Code of Canada online. Check out statistics, a wealth of federal government information, and learn about economic concepts and events.

Visit the official site of the Democratic Party in the United States. Much information can be found on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. Read the Youth Justice Act online. Visit the website of the Supreme Court of Canada. What role do Canadian citizens and organizations play in the fairness and equity of the youth justice system?

Learn about the House of Commons Page Program. The Canada Revenue Agency provides comprehensive tax information for individuals and businesses. This siteby the U.

Adbusters is a not-for-profit, anti-consumerist organization based in Vancouver. The official Parliament of Canada website. The Council of Canadians. The site includes short biographies of the top contenders. At Making Laws in Canadaview a chart outlining the law-making process.

Issues For Canadians Textbook Grade 9 Glossary

File a complaint with the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Councilan organization created by the Canadian Association of Broadcasters CAB to administer standards established by its members. Visit the Government of Canada official website. The John Howard Society of Alberta provides crime prevention programs for offenders and their families, ex-offenders, young persons, and the public.