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With its default choice and ability to create custom combinations, the application includes all of the features users would expect from this type of program. One of the best sources of rare natural and historical pigments and information.

An online search reveals several books on the topic including: There are many pigments that are opaque in watercolor but transparent downloas semi-transparent in oil paints. Leaving a dust mask in a dusty area and then using it defeats the purpose. The transparency of a paint or pigment can often be manipulated by the manufacturing process for a particular purpose.

Their helpfulness is sincerely appreciated. UpdateStar is compatible with Windows platforms. The only new color charts with CI names I could find fomplete in German and take a while to down load, but they have the color index names. Research your techniques, handling, storage, and disposal methods. Daylight Fluorescent Pigments – Phosphorescent Pigments. Generally artist paints that do not indicate color index names are, with a few exceptions, low grade paints.

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ACMI is an international association of craft and creative material manufacturers which seeks to promote safety in art and creative products through its certification program.

The addition of driers, siccatives, retardants and other additives can effect the drying time of any specific formulation, or they can be added by the artist to speed up or slow down the drying of oil paints. Cadmium Red would be 8;8;8 with excellent light fastness in all tints. Very few pigments used in the arts are edible, and even so called “Food Colors” are not meant to be used in large quantities and may have unknown side effects or allergic reactions.

Other art material wirbrush medium forms such as pastel, oil pastels, oil bars, dyes and ceramic glazes will not be designated with a artists medium or binder code, but may still be listed under the pigment name with a company code. You can more info on marketing and other paint nomenclature at the handprint. As of this writing, several used copies are also available from Amazon.

Different requirements for us, why? Both wet and dry materials are often easy airborne. Work handook a separate area of your studio away from children, pets or other living things. Only those products that are single pigments will be indicated in this database. Skip to content Name: By Tony Johansen, Great Paint making site with all types of useful pigment and binder information for the artist. Updated color charts at the website where CI names are available Apparently, Grumbacher no longer provides color index names.

The prices in this document are no longer valid. These are the various names that have been used for that pigment whether or not it is the correct usage. In a few cases, the Color Index International has listed a mixture of pigments or chemicals under handobok single color index pigment name or code, and these qirbrush also be designated as if they were a single pigment. I have also included CAS numbers, when I can fine them.

Your materials supplier should be able to tell you what types of protection are required. They are designated with C. At the minimum, keep the draft directed away from yourself and others when spraying and do so in a well ventilated area or outdoors.

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Commercial sources for particular types of masks or respirators can easily be found with search engines once you have identified the make and compltee required. These take you to their website click on the swatches to get more info. Dick Blick also has the MSDS sheets for of most of the products they sellmaking the Blick site a valuable resource for toxicity info and the health and safety of artist materials.

I have tried to include most of the better known retail brands of pigment suppliers and paint makers, but adding all the pigment manufacturers in the world would be an almost impossible task and of little use for the artist.

July 20, Price: Giclee Prints – Geometric.

The Color of Art Pigment Database, an Artists Paint and Pigments Reference

No protective glove is impermeable to everything. The oil absorption figure has been arrived at from the pigment manufacturer’s literature or artist reference sources see the bottom of studdio Pigment Database’s main page for a complete list of reference works.

Return your completed application to NYX by recorded post or email. There are a host of sites devoted to the topic of artist materials and artist health issues on handnook Internet. Artist’s Oil Bar Tech. A general designation such as given will not always be the case in any particular formulation. Substitute and tone could be also considered acceptable means of indicating a hue substitute for the actual color.

National membership organization in the United States dedicated to the preservation of cultural material, establishes and upholds professional standards, promoting research and publications, educational opportunities, and fostering the exchange of knowledge among conservators, allied professionals, and the public.